Release updates

Check the list of updates and new features we have in Simple-C:

Notification Center

This is the place where we will send you notifications about the platform and updates. If we have maintenance plans or introduce new features, we will post them here.

Notification Center updates

Note: The way to access in the notification center is clicking the card at the very top right of the screen

It’s important to note that once you open a message, it will disappear.

Report Hub

This is a brand new list featuring all the reports in Simple-C. As we continue to create more reports, this centralized and organized space will serve as the hub for easy access and management.

Report Hub updates

Adjustment Report

We have a new list of adjustments by month. Once you create an adjustment in the expenses form, you can now easily access all adjustments categorized by both month and client.

Adjustment Report

Expenses Daily Report

We offer a daily expense list, providing a comprehensive overview of all loaded expenses organized by day. This report includes details about the user who loaded the expenses and the corresponding date of entry.

Expenses Daily Report

Miles Report

We have added the ability to export mileage data for all vehicles to Excel or print it.

Miles Report

Export to Excel

In many reports, you can now export the data to Excel or print it as a PDF.
Additionally, you have the option to import this file into Google Sheets or other applications.

Export to Excel updates

Clients form (update)

We have updated the client form, adding more clear validations. Additionally, we have addressed and resolved some issues related to married clients.

Client Form updates

Other minor design changes

We are committed to delivering ongoing updates and continuous enhancements to Simple-C, ensuring a consistently simplified and clear user experience.

if you have any question or need more information please write to [email protected]

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